Break the Ice



Easts presents ‘Break the Ice, Youth Open Mic’

Break the Ice is a Youth Open Mic night giving young musicians, aged 8 to 18 years, an opportunity to perform live on our stage, to a welcoming Easts audience.


Are you? or do you know a young musician?.. This could be a chance for a break out performance!
This is your chance to perform on stage, showcase your talent, connect with other like-minded young musicians whilst building your skills and self-confidence!


Easts Break the Ice Youth Open Mic is providing young musicians with a platform to perform in a positive environment.  Young musicians get to experience the preparation, the rush, and the satisfaction of performing to friends, family and strangers. For these young performers, it is a huge morale boost when family and friends take an interest in their passion and show their support by attending one of this Break the Ice nights.
*All young musicians will be chosen prior to our Break the Ice, Youth Open Mic performance nights.



Vocal and Instrumental young musicians are welcome to apply, as are solo and group acts.
All genres of music accepted, however, please note all performance material MUST be appropriate for all ages. Musicians may perform 1 to 3 songs in the evening.



All young musicians must be aged 8-18 years of age to apply.


To Apply

All young musicians wishing to perform at an Easts Break the Ice Youth Open Mic night must complete all entry criteria, audition video and registration form, in order to be eligible.


  • 1) Audition Video:

    This consists of creating an audition video, no longer than 5 minutes, and of the music, you would like to perform on stage. When making the video ensure it is filmed landscape and please introduce yourself/group followed by performance.


    You are then required to post the audition video on the Break the Ice designated Facebook social media page or alternatively, you may post the audition video on your own personal social media page.


    When posting you must tag ‘Easts Break the Ice Youth Open Mic’ social media page and hashtag ‘breaktheiceateasts’.  Once the video is uploaded, send and share it with all your family and friends for support.


    *When posting on your own personal social media page please check your privacy settings to ensure Easts Break the Ice is able to view the video.


  • 2) Registration Form:

    The Break the Ice Youth Open Mic registration form can be found here. The registration form includes the applicant’s personal details, contact information, performance details and URL Link to the audition video.


    The registration form also includes parental consent for the applicant to participate in a Break the Ice Youth Open Mic night and a minor media consent to grant Easts Leagues permission to use any audition videos and video, photographs and recordings taken while participating in Break the Ice Youth Open Mic.


Please note: All musicians are chosen prior to our performance nights. Whilst Easts endeavours to give as many young musicians as possible an opportunity to perform, applying does not guarantee you will be chosen for a Break the Ice Youth Open Mic performance night. We are looking for something special, talent, authenticity and a love of performing.


Performance Nights

Break the Ice Youth Open Mic nights will be held on a Thursday evening between 6:30PM and 8:30PM. (*Dates are not yet confirmed).  Performers will be given notice on what Thursday evening they are invited to perform, However, please ensure you have availability on Thursday evening before you apply.


All performers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times within the club and therefore may not be ‘dropped off’ at the venue. Performers are welcome to come between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM on their invited performance night to familiarise themselves with the venue, stage and sound (This is not compulsory). All performers will be required to be present one hour before Break the Ice Youth Open Mic commences at 6:30 PM (This is compulsory). We encourage family and friends to come along and support the young musicians as they perform on stage.


Sound Equipment:

Break the Ice Easts venue will supply speakers, 2 microphones, stereo amplifier and a mixing desk with 8 channel inputs, each with a basic eq of treble, mid, and bass. Musicians are required to bring their own instruments and/or backing tracks and any equipment needed, other than what is listed as supplied by the venue. Please note that performers are responsible for their own sound management.



Break The Ice Youth Open Mic will reward all performers on the night with a gift pack. The real reward of the Break The Ice nights is that they give the young musicians an opportunity to perform on stage, in front of a live audience, helping them gain confidence and conquer fears.


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