Performing LIVE at Easts on
Saturday, 14th July from 8pm

The Eagels Band is a stunningly accurate tribute to Southern California’s most famous musical group, The Eagles. One of the most successful bands of the seventies, The Eagles enjoyed huge worldwide success with hits like Take It Easy, Hotel California, Desperado and New Kid in Town. The Eagles conquered the world and even today, the concert DVD “Hell Freezes Over” is still the best selling DVD ever!
Comprising of six talented musicians, each bringing their own style and flair to the group, The Eagels Band is intent on delivering a near replica of a live Eagles performance that is so precise, so intense, so unbelievable, it comes frighteningly close to the originals themselves.
The Eagels Band is a veritable tour de force of talent, technical accuracy and engaging entertainment. The band features Greg Berriman providing the guitar wizardry of Don Felder and the voice of Don Henley, Tony Maries as Glenn Frey, Jim Cowling as Don Henley’s drumming counterpart, Tami
Johnston as the eccentric and unpredictable Joe Walsh,Tina Maries in the role of Timothy B. Schmit, and Trent Nolan providing all required piano and keyboard parts. All members are multi-instrumentalists and fulfill a variety of roles within the band to bring the sound of the Eagles alive.
All live and free at Easts Leagues Club on Saturday, 14th July  from 8pm!