We’ll be hosting draws every Friday night throughout October & November from 7PM! Members have the ability to earn entries throughout the week of the draw. Except for the major draw night on Friday 26th November where members entries will have accrued from the start of the promotion (Friday 1st October at 10:16pm).
$5 Spend on Food or Beverage = 1 Entry
$20 Turnover in gaming = 1 Entry

JACKPOTTING DRAW: Hosted every Friday at 10:15PM

At 10:15pm a winner will be selected to play our jackpotting draw. The Jackpot will start at $3,000  and if not won, it will jackpot weekly by $3,000. To win the jackpot the winner must match 2  gold petals  out of the 30 petals on the board. The winner will only be able to reveal 2 petals . Which means as the promotion goes on, there will be fewer petals on the board making the winners chances better at finding the gold petals! If the jackpot has not gone off by the final draw night on the 26th of November , the prize pool will be at $24,000. Winners will be continuously drawn until the jackpot is won!

Every Friday in October & November

7PM – $500| 8PM – $500 | 9PM – $1,000 | 10PM – $2,500 | 10:15PM – JACKPOTTING DRAW

10:15PM: JACKPOTTING DRAW – GUARANTEED $24,000 (If jackpot has not gone off)
If the jackpotting draw has not been won throughout the promotion, then at 10:15PM on the 26th of November we will be giving away a guaranteed $24,000. Winners will be drawn until the jackpot goes off!