Code of Conduct

For Members and Visitors


Please take the time to read over our Code of Conduct for Members and Visitors. 

Members must:

  • Comply with the Constitution of the Club and all policies of the Club as may lawfully apply from time to time.
  • Not tarnish the reputation or bring into disrepute the Club, another member, visitor or member of staff
  • Not represent or purport to represent the Club unless they are an authorized director, secretary, member of staff or contractor


Members and visitors must, while on Premises of the Club: 

  • Respect the right of other members and visitors to enjoy the facilities and services of the Club.
  • Behave courteously at all times
  • Refrain from behaviours that undermine health and safety of other members, visitors and or staff of the club
  • Not bully, harass or discriminate against another member, visitor or member of staff
  • Respect the privacy of other members, visitors and the staff of the Club
  • Comply with the Club policies, signage and lawful directions of the Club staff.
  • When required, access the Club with proper identification and properly complete full sign in requirements.
  • Ensure that children are always accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Not consume food or drinks not purchased from the Club.
  • Not have in their possession or take illegal drugs or other materials prohibited under laws e.g. the Criminal Code (QLD) or the Crimes Act (Cth).
  • Handle any property belonging to the Club with care and diligence
  • Not arrange or participate in an activity for which a fee (s) is paid or payable to an entity other than the Club without prior written permission from the General Manager.
  • Comply with the dress code of the Club
  • Not refuse when required to leave the Premises at the request of the General Manager or their delegate (e.g. Assistant General Manager, Duty Manager or Supervisor) or after having done so re-enter or attempt to re-enter the Premises. 
  • Be aware and accept that the company uses closed-circuit television (‘CCTV’) on the Premises and their activities may be recorded.


Presented and adopted by the Board of Easts Leagues club on 29th August 2022

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