At Easts Leagues, our spirit of social responsibility rests on one principle: giving back to the very community that has helped to make the Club successful. The cornerstone of that commitment is the Easts Leagues Foundation Community Benefit Fund, a charitable fund established in May 2007. The primary goal of the Fund is to support charitable organisations within the Eastern Suburbs Community, particularly those with limited resources. Established in perpetuity, the Easts Leagues Foundation Community Benefit Fund is expected to become a significant source of philanthropic funds for the Eastern Suburbs Community in the years ahead.


Our commitment to the community is targeted at 3 broad areas we feel represent the core values and general well-being of the community at large; values such as childhood, environment and community. At Easts, we firmly believe the socially responsible actions we take today will produce bottom-line benefits to our community tomorrow.


SMART PUPS – Assistance Dogs for Special Needs children – $60,000 for the purchase of (2) Pups, their care and training



The objective of the Smart Pups organisation is to raise, train and place Assistance Dogs as early intervention support, assisting young people with Autism and other special needs, promoting their participation and inclusion in home and social life.


A Smart Pup uniquely provides 24/7 emotional and physical support to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the recipient child. Generally, the children are home schooled due to coping concerns both from the child and the school and do not participate in community life, (shopping, holidays, going to the park) as a result of particular behaviours common to their special needs diagnosis. Each Smart Pup is trained and certified for full public access, addressing inequality and disadvantage from an early age. The skills of a Smart Pup assist with reducing anxiety and social exclusion in public places (including at school) and maximize participation in life, boosting the potential for development, social and educational gains.


The difference Smart Pups are making to these children at an early age is unprecedented, a Smart Pup can anchor a child with flight potential, distract a meltdown or behaviours that demand attention that often lead to unpredictable risk to the safety and wellbeing of those around them and can also open doors for parents to regain access to community life.


Smart Pups receive no Government funding and rely wholly on donations and grants, and it is on this basis the Easts Leagues Community Benefit Fund are delighted to provide funding for 2 Smart Pups both of which will go on to become an integral part of the life of a child with a diagnosed special need such as autism, seizure, mobility and diabetes related syndromes, these dogs not only change the life of the child but their families and the community as well.




CYSTIC FIBROSIS QUEENSLAND – $3,565 To purchase trampolines for (10) children living with Cystic Fibrosis



Living with cystic fibrosis you need to exercise daily to assist in airway and lung clearance. Trampolining is one of the few recommended physical therapies for children with cystic fibrosis that is actually fun and helps to create healthy habits in children at a young age. Trampolining enhances their cardiopulmonary performance, encourages sputum production and improves their general well-being. Ten minutes on a trampoline has the same cardiopulmonary benefit for a cystic fibrosis child as a one kilometre run and is also one of the easiest forms of exercise participation for a child. Cystic Fibrosis Queensland aims to ensure that by the end of 2020 they have provided children with cystic fibrosis, who come from low socio- economic families with a trampoline, the Easts Leagues Community Benefit Fund are delighted to support this very worthy campaign.






Zig Zag Young Women’s Resources provides a number of specialist services including counselling and support to young women aged 12-25 years who have experienced sexual assault; and medium term supported accommodation and housing support to young women aged 16-25 years who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.


The funding will provide support to a minimum of 40 young women and their accompanying children as they transition into independent secure housing in the community providing a safe and stable environment for their children. The program also promotes development of life skills in sustaining housing tenancies, it improves social, economic and health outcomes for young women and aims to mitigate the risk of an unsuccessful transition to independence. The Easts Leagues Community Benefit Fund has been a long-term supporter of this organisation and is once again delighted to be a part of this very worthwhile cause.




BASKET BRIGADE BRISBANE – $6,000 Procure items to make food and gift baskets delivered to recipients just before Christmas


The Brisbane Basket Brigade (BBB) is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. Money raised through fundraising and donations is used to procure items to make food and gift baskets which are delivered anonymously just before Christmas to recipients nominated by approximately 70 grassroot charities supporting various community members – recipients include underprivileged individuals and families, our homeless, elderly, domestic violence victims and young mothers to name a few.


Given the current climate and the effects of COVID-19, the Basket Brigade expects the request for support from organisations such as theirs will be even greater and it’s on this basis the Easts Leagues Community Benefit Fund was happy to provide support to such a hard working group of volunteers providing this wonderful service in our community.


The Sunlight Centre’s Mission is to provide free face to face crisis counselling to adults and under 18s that are in suicidal distress and/or self-harm behaviour. The contribution from Easts will facilitate (2) therapist programs that will see up to 40 at risk clients over a 3-month period. The funding will also support (3) Healthy Mind workshops each to schools and community groups.





Zig Zag Women’s Resources provides counselling and support to young women aged 12 to 25 years who have experienced sexual assault and medium term supported accommodation and housing support to young women aged 16-25 years who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.


The funding will also provide support to a minimum of 40 young women and their accompanying children as they transition into independent housing.





St Vincent de Paul Society is a non-profit organisation serving and supporting the most disadvantaged and underprivileged people in the Community.


The funding will enable the purchase of fresh food/vegetable and healthy food items for school going students lunch boxes – 200 morning tea and lunch boxes need to be prepared yearly for one school going child.





The funding will provide a shade structure over Coorparoo State School’s Wolfe Park playground. The school has a sun protection policy which includes the importance of playing in shaded areas. Unfortunately, the school does not have adequate, practical outdoor shading particularly in the Wolfe Park campus of the school and therefore children are unable to access this playground in a sun-safe way.

Spina Bifida – $20,000

The Mini Farm Project – $8,700

The Mini Farm Project is a farmer of produce which is then donated to food relief organisations and local charities to distribute to those in need in our community. The funding will be used to enhance an existing site in Camp Hill with equipment and materials to support production.




Hear & Say – Centre for Deaf Children – $15,000

The funding will be used for the Hear to Learn school hearing screening program for Queensland students in the Eastern Suburbs. This program will identify children with previously undiagnosed hearing conditions and provide critical intervention ensuring they are not limited by their hearing loss and can go on to reach their full potential in life.




The Sunlight Centre -$9,500

The Sunlight Centre’s mission is to support individuals and the ones closest to them in times of crisis. With close to 8 deaths per day to suicide in Australia, the Sunlight Centre provides hands on, face to face crisis therapy for anyone free of charge. The funding will be used to improve the therapy centre in the Cannon Hill area so as to create a warm, confidential and professional setting that will aid in the therapeutic process as the therapists work with clients in crisis.




St Vincent de Paul – Carina – $18,000

Our Lady of Grace Conference Carina delivers valuable support to the local community through emergency relief, home visitation, advocacy and friendship. The funding will be used to purchase food for meal packages and vouchers and for emergency relief costs.

Zephyr Education Inc – $15,000

Zephyr’s core purpose is to help children in domestic violence shelters throughout Queensland resume their education as quickly as possible by supplying or paying for school uniforms, shoes and socks, school bags, text books, stationery, swim packs and all other school related items such as calculators and earphones.


A drastic consequence of domestic violence, which is often overlooked, is that the education of the children is severely disrupted. Many of these children arrive at shelters with just the clothes they are wearing and without school essentials. This grant will ensure that children are able to resume their education at their new school as soon as possible with the same uniform and school necessities as the other children.




Zig Zag Women’s Resources – $22,000

The grant will assist a minimum of 40 young women and young parenting women aged 16-25 who are transitioning from homelessness to independent housing as they transition from Zig Zag’s temporary supported accommodation to long term secure and sustainable housing and provide a safe and stable environment for their children.




Music Broadcasting Society – $2,600

The Music Broadcasting Society based at Coorparoo runs three community radio stations broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are 300+ volunteers with 97% of the staff over the age of 65. The grant will provide funding for a defibrillator.




Wynola Girl Guides – $1,917

Wynola Girl Guides based at Coorparoo is one of Queensland’s oldest Girl Guide groups. The hut itself has historical significance and inside there are many items, including archives, photographs, flags and other memorabilia built up over the 90 years’ history of the Wynola Girl Guides. The grant will be used to install security grilles and heavier locks to help protect this historic hut and its contents from theft, arson and vandalism.




Norman Park State School – $1,474

The grant will fund the replacement of a shade sail that covers a courtyard area between two school buildings. The sail is a vital piece of school infrastructure as it provides shade for the children when eating their lunch and protection from the elements as children, staff and visitors move between classrooms.




Spina Bifida Association – $10,521

The grant will fund a hydrotherapy program. Children with spina bifida have decreased strength, co-ordination and function of pre-dominantly their core and lower limb muscles. The hydrotherapy program focuses on developing core strength, motor planning, water confidence, safety and body awareness. The three age groups catered for are: birth -3 years, 4-7 years and 8-12 years.


Hydrotherapy is an effective way to tread children with neurological and orthopaedic conditions. It is enjoyed because it is fun and gives them a freedom of movement only experienced in a hydrotherapy pool.




Cystic Fibrosis Queensland – $10,000

Babies, children and young adults who live with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) take up to 40 tablets every day just to break down food and can spend up to 2 hours a day clearing their airways; a nebulizer does this in 20 minutes.


Despite its severity, CF is not classed as a disability under the NDIS, meaning access to financial support is extremely limited for individuals with CF.


The grant will provide funding for 20 portable nebulizers for people living with (CF).




Carindale P.C.Y.C $5,300

After a debilitating fire in September 2011, the Club reopened in April 2012. As part of the refurbishment, the PCYC constructed a purpose built room for community groups during the day and Youth group in the evenings. The funding will be used to install an air conditioning unit for the community room, which will ensure the existing users can continue to meet in a comfortable and cool space.




SES – Eastern Group $18,700

To assist with the purchase of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). This vehicle will allow the SES to thoroughly search the more rugged terrain and in more open areas where a larger area can be covered in a shorter time than by the members on foot. Not much bigger than a quad bike, the ATV has the added safety features such as a roll cage which will provide additional protection to the crew in the event of a roll over, the vehicle is also designed to accommodate two people.




Spina Bifida Qld – $20,000

To be used to fund the SBH Feeding Therapy (and Equipment) Program run by a Speech Pathologist. Children with Spina Bifida and or Hydrocephalus are subject to having feeding difficulties due to the neurological implications of their condition. Assessment, treatment and management of these difficulties are paramount to maintaining the health and wellbeing of children with Spina Bifida. There is currently no funding for the feeding program.




St Vincent de Paul – Carina/Carindale – $10,000

The funding will assist the conference to carry out its grassroots services directly to the most marginalised and disadvantaged people in the Carina/Carindale community in several ways including the purchase of food vouchers, clothing and educational expenses.




Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation $3,000

To provide shoes & socks to 65 children in need living in the eastern suburbs of Brisbane. The Shoes & Socks 4 Brisbane Kids Program provides quality leather school shoes and 3 pairs of socks to disadvantaged Brisbane kids in need.




Nursery Road State Special School $28,000

Nursery Road State Special School provides educational programs for students between 5 and 18 years who may have significant delays or impairments in the area of physical, sensory and /or intellectual functioning. The funding will be used towards an 11 seater bus complete with wheelchair seating for essential school programs. Travelling to other settings and venues allows students to take part in a range of activities for learning such as: Learning the social and literacy and numeracy skills involved in shopping, Horse riding for the disabled, Inter school activities through sports and inclusion programs.




Zig Zag Young Women’s Resource Centre $7,200

Zig Zag provides medium term accommodation to young women and young parenting women aged 16-25 years who are homeless and Zig Zag also has a Sexual Assault Support Program that provides counseling and group work to young women aged 12-25 who are survivors of sexual assault. Both these programs have assisted many young women move from homelessness and isolation back into the community. The funding will allow Zig Zag to provide extra support to 12 young women (and their children) with the aim of making their transition into independent, long term housing a much smoother and less stressful process.




Camp Hill Kindergarten & Pre-school $7,400

Funds will be used to purchase a Phonic Ear System to benefit students with hearing impairment or auditory processing difficulties or speech development issues. Sound-field amplification systems direct sound above external ambient noise to assist those students, and are also compatible with the FM systems of both cochlear implants and hearing aids utilized by those students.




Camp Hill Girl Guides $3,014

Camp Hill Girl Guides is a not-for-profit community organisation run by volunteers. Currently 25 girls aged between seven and 14 attend each Friday night at the Guide Hut. The Guides lease the hut through the Brisbane City Council and are responsible for the maintenance with most funds raised through sausage sizzles, wrapping Christmas presents and biscuit sales and parents participate in working bees for general maintenance. Funding provided will see the hut’s facilities upgraded in the form of new vinyl floor sheeting and interior painting. These fundamental improvements will allow the Guides to hire the room to other community groups and help raise additional much-needed funds.




St Vincent de Paul Society – Carina $10,000

The St Vincent de Paul Society – Carina is run by a small group of volunteers. The organization visits approximately 50 clients per month and the funding will be used to purchase food vouchers to directly assist people in the local area who are experiencing extreme financial hardship.




Mt Gravatt Special School – Mt Gravatt $20,000

Funds were used to purchase a 12 seater van to enable transportation of students with disabilities enabing them more independence.




State Emergency Service – Eastern Group Support Unit $1,485

During emergencies the SES is often called upon to respond to situations where large trees have fallen against, near or through a home, and the upper branches are normally well above the ground. The funds will be used to purchase a Stihl Pole Pruner to reach higher branches while remaining safely on the ground.




Ardoch Youth Foundation $10,000

Ardoch Youth Foundation believes that eduction for children and young people provides the means for creating options and choices in life. Funding will enable a volunteers program at Seville Road Primary School in Holland Park to help young children learning reading, writing and maths skills.




Stepping Stone Clubhouse $20,000

Stepping Stone Clubhouse at Coorparoo is a community intentionally organised to support individuals living with the effects of mental illness. Through participation in a clubhouse, people are given the opportunities to rejoin the worlds of friendships, family, important work, employment, education and to access the services and supports they may individually need. The funds will be used to purchase a more comprehensive computer server, 16 new computers and three laptops.




Narbethong Special School $33,347

Located at Buranda, the school provides for educational needs of students who are vision impaired, vision impaired with additional disabilities, and for students who are both deaf and blind. The funding will be used to build a specialised accessible playground featuring a range of interactive pieces that engage these children in play and learning in an ideal environment and accommodates the impact of the student’s disabilities when using the equipment.




Matthew Stanley Foundation $42,295

The Matthew Stanley Foundation leads the way in education against youth violence in the community. It was launched in May 2007 due to the tragic death of Paul and Kay Stanley’s son Matthew, who was brutally bashed outside a party. The foundation predominantly focuses on the provision of information/educational sessions on the awareness of violence in the community. The funding provides for professional media presentations shown at Foundation information sessions at public and private schools, community groups and community events. This will include the production of DVDs for distribution to schools and community groups.